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1990-2000 scientific publications on «Investigation of Infrared radiance of marine surface» dissertation of doctor of physical-mathematical sciences of Marine Hydrophysical Institute of Ukraine National academy of sciences.

WebSite «Collies of Hercules Land» www.geocities.com/colliehl/
2003 Collie Rough. The breed presentation.

WebSite «Real heros» (utopistic dreams about Ukraine politics) www.geocities.com/realuaheros/
2004. Real Heros.
2006. Political gladiators go to Parliament.
2006. Good intentions proposals.
2006. «I think, we don't want that the politicians made us enemies», Electoral point No.62, Sevastopol. Photo.

Lectures on conferences of Sevastopol branch of Sankt-Peterburg Humanitarian University.
2005. About correct thinking. (How do someone live in truth.)
2006. Initiative groups as an attempt of organised bissiness enterprise activity in «high technologies» area.
Ukrainian chance for correction of Russian-speaking thinking.

Lectures on conferences about cultural themes. Sevastopol. WebSite «Alive CoKnowledge» www.geocities.com/livecoknowledge/
2002. About correct thinking.
2003. How do someone live in truth.
2004. Back to simplicity, head to constructiveness.
2005. People covariation is effective way to success.
2005. AuthorRight, CopyRight, as it is. The world of free software.
2006. The proposals for organisation of new type conference: open, author's, scientific, practical, creative.
2007. Yes to free of culture from illnesses.
2007. Not just a Humor. Do you have right to install(set up) national language? Russia is not Rossia, russian is not Rossian.
2008. Criteria of the best as an indicator of honesty.
2008. Intellectual property, as a relic of medieval.

2009. Mathematical formalisation of dialectic logic. (method of philosophy deduction)
2009. Principles of creative education.
2009. Beginning of computer user literacy.
2009. Sevenagers(Students), have no legal rights for getting the licenses of any actions with software, cause they aren't lawresponsible in this aspects.